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Isla Cañas, Panamá

Land for sale

Unique island of Isla Cañas

A beautiful and clam island of Isla Cañas takes places in Pacific ocean. Its unique by every-year visit of giant turtles witch comes to lay eggs - just in place of the offered land. It's quite mysterious show. There is only one similar isle in continent of America.

Land for sale (see Galleria picture No.12 and 13 - yellow color) is placed in approximately half length of the isle. Water and electricity is installed. There is a small village not so far away with population around 500, health center, police station, restaurant and a church.

Island is placed 350km away from capital Panama City (asphalt road). It was created by splitting river into two branches. The village is about 700 meters away if you travelling on water. There are regular flights from capital Panama city to the not so far away town of Pedasí. It's provided by Air Panama.

Description of the locality:
There’s a beach between the sea and the offered land. After the beach is 10-20 meters thick line of vegetation. A whole saled parcel is a meadow with sparse stand of trees in the back. (See Galleria Photo No.1) In the front part lies driveway. (See Galleria Photo No.12 and 04)

Additional info:

The land area is 26250 m2
Price: USD 29 / m2
Contact: Cel: Panamá

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