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Club Pijao, Costa Sur, Panama

Very modern villa from 2007 in the Costa Sur, hl. Panama city. 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, study, dining room, open kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Luxury furnishings, stainless steel kitchen, large spaces. Security 24 hours, two parking spaces and parking for visitors.

Size: 449m2

Price: 484.400,-- USD

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Club Pijao_Moses1

Club Pijao_Moses1.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses10

Club Pijao_Moses10.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses11

Club Pijao_Moses11.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses12

Club Pijao_Moses12.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses2

Club Pijao_Moses2.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses3

Club Pijao_Moses3.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses4

Club Pijao_Moses4.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses5

Club Pijao_Moses5.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses6

Club Pijao_Moses6.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses7

Club Pijao_Moses7.jpg

Club Pijao_Moses8

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Club Pijao_Moses9

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